Challenge 2: Mumbai wants #solarwalaBEST

Challenge 2: Mumbai wants #solarwalaBEST

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"One of the biggest reasons for this is that Mumbai does not have a strong enough public transport system and because of this more and more Mumbaikers are forced to opt for private cars which are expensive to us individually and to the city in the long run. 

But all is not lost, last year Mumbai’s iconic BEST took a great first step by introducing electric buses. This is the BEST that we must fully support. 

With the introduction of electric buses in 2019, Mumbai’s iconic BEST has taken the first step towards curbing air pollution in the city. However, it only partially addresses the problem of air pollution across Maharashtra which is home to 18 of India’s most polluted cities. As long as the source of energy for charging electric buses is coal-based, air pollution cannot be curbed. To tackle the problem in its entirety, we need to adopt renewable, zero-emission sources of energy. 

A complete switch to buses powered by solar energy along with an improved public transport network is the need of the hour. It will ensure a cleaner and healthier future for Mumbai and enable a behavior change that helps bring down vehicular emissions substantially. Solar-powered buses are also key to ensuring a sustainable future for BEST and Mumbaikars." 

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